SIMKAT Consultants Limited in association with SEMFA International Limited has been appointed by MAKEEN ENERGY to represent their interests in the promotion of the PLASTCON Technology for the chemical conversion of Plastic Waste into Energy.



  • A Danish global, market-leading corporation in the energy industry 
  • •Provides equipment, services and spare parts, facility management, engineering and project management for everything from LPG filling facilities to LNG solutions, power plants and innovative solutions, such as Plastcon.


  • Employs more than 1100 people and operate in more than 140 counties with 7 brands with +75 years of experience with more than 4500 larger installations worldwide.
  • Committed to the UN Global Compact since January 2018


  • PLASTCON  surrounds traditional pyrolysis technology with innovative engineering techniques to provide a unique solution to the conversion pf all types of plastic waste into energy in a continuous industrial scale process

The EnviroTech Team at Makeen

Plastcon - converting plastic waste into a resource

Plastcon is what we call our plastic waste conversion technology, created by our experienced engineers. Plastcon chemically recycles harmful plastic waste, and the products retrieved through the process can be used to produce new plastic materials - we thereby enable a circular economy for plastic.

DecomBlades - a circular economy for wind turbine blades

The DecomBlades project seeks to form the basis for commercializing wind turbine blade recycling. We're proud to play a central role along Ørsted, Vestas, LM Wind and others. At the end of the project, we will have concept-designed a full-scale pyrolysis plant for composite materials which interested parties can order.


As our ability to chemically recycle plastic waste is scaled up, so are our responsible ambitions. That is why we're now officially joining the EU-funded project MAELSTROM as a key partner. The project brings together key stakeholders in the pursuit of removing and reusing marine plastic litter from the coasts of Europe in a sustainable manner.

We're turning plastic waste into profitable business

Makeen's first full-scale Plastcon plant is currently under construction and will commence operation in 2023. Our technology is based on several years of extensive testing on a smaller scale test plant, which has been designed and build by Makeen's Envirotech in-house team of engineers.

Chemical recycling can reduce the environmental burden

With the limitations of traditional mechanical recycling, much of the world’s plastic waste ends up in incineration plants, landfills or, even worse, nature. When only around 20% of the materials are recycled, that leaves the remaining 80% to us and our planet to handle. But our Plastcon solution can help the world bring that number down substantially.

By using pyrolysis, it is possible to recycle all types of plastic materials without any pretreatment. There is no need to clean the materials or separate the different plastic types before putting them into our Plastcon plant, because our plants handles it all.

Plastcon Converts Plastic Waste into Precious Fuel

Tackle the plastic waste problem head-on with Plastcon - a solution that converts plastic waste to useful fuels that are much cleaner than their conventional counterparts. Each litre of fuel produced by Plastcon is one less litre that needs to be extracted from the ground - and it means less plastic filling up our oceans. Plastcon is a responsible solution to the global challenge of plastic waste that turns a problem into valuable energ

Plastcon One at Randers Port

Plastcon One

The first 50 tonne per day Plastcon Plant being constructed by Makeen  at the Randers Port in Denmark. The plant will commence full scale operation in September 2023.  Makeen is contracted to produce a further three Plastcon plants for operation in Denmark and Europe.


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